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Corporate and Individual Taxation Part II - 20 Credit Hour Tax Course (5017)Corporate and Individual Taxation Part II - 20 Credit Hour Tax Course (5017)

$40.00 (USD)

Course description and objectives:

This program enables participants to discuss and handle business/personal tax essentials. The course examines and explains the practical aspects of individual & corporate planning, bridging the gap between theory and application. Significant new developments are summarized with emphasis on tax savings ideas. This course examines and explains the practical aspects of using the closely held corporation to maximize after-tax return on business operations. Recent developments giving corporations a competitive edge over other entities are explored and detailed. Practitioners are alerted to often missed fringe benefits, retirement planning opportunities, corporate business deductions, income splitting possibilities and little known estate planning techniques.

Level: Basic

Prerequisites: None

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Course Instructions:

Study the course text beginning with Chapter 5, which may be downloaded and printed, and take the Review Questions for each chapter. Then take the Final Exam.  A Final Exam consists of 5 questions per credit hour with unlimited attempts. Final exams are divided into 25 question parts for of ease taking and re-taking longer exams. Each part is graded separately and may be re-taken separately. All parts must be passed with a minimum score of 70% to complete a course. Upon successful completion, the participant will automatically receive a Certificate of Completion. The certificate may be printed.

To Save your Progress on an exam, simply close without submitting.

After submitting your answers, it is recommended to Print Results before finishing and closing an exam part. You may print to PDF or hard copy.


Credits: 20
Estimated Length: 20 hour(s)
Valid for: 1 Year(s)


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Online Lesson1. Final Exam Part 5 -
Online Lesson2. Final Exam Part 6 -
Online Lesson3. Final Exam Part 7 -
Online Lesson4. Final Exam Part 8 -
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